“I was given my life back!  Went from 20% to 80% health wise.  I sleep 8 hours, no pain, minimal fatigue, minimal depression, can walk 2 miles, can wash hair, brush teeth, dress myself, drive better, enjoy life! NO PAIN.  I had pain for 2 years. Couldn’t get out of bed before coming here.” “I can hang out with my daughter and talk and laugh with her.  I only take 1 pill now!”

 “You are the best.  I was ready to end my life because it was too horrible to deal with everything.  I tell everyone I know to come here.  You saved my life.”

Sue S – Bellefonte


“I can now play with grandchildren, do more around the house and I have more days with no or limited pain.”  “Glad I came here.” 

–       Dixie V. – Centre Hall


“I’m able to think more clearly and feel better overall.  I have less leg pain and am more mobile.  I also have more energy.  Since I feel better, I am in better spirit.  My family and friends have noticed changes in my health and have been supportive in my continuing improved health.  I was able to enjoy my vacation on a level that hasn’t happened in years.  I was able to participate in activities that would have been impossible before.  “I have felt cared about and taken care of.  You have always listened and believed me when I explain how I’ve felt.  Kindness and compassion is exhibited by all who work here.”

– Sherry S, State College



“My concerns were my lack of life.  I had pain and fatigue for many years – At least 30.  Very caring doctor.  Anything that makes me feel better is pleasant.”

–       Diane Waak –  Mcadoo, PA

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